Exhaust Bypass Valve (EBV)

Exhaust bypass valve

Need more power from your forced induction application?

Canfield Industries has the solution - The Exhaust Bypass Valve (EBV)! The valve opens as boost builds allowing the turbo to spool faster and create more power due to the reduction of backpressure in the exhaust system. The result is like putting a higher performance turbo on your car at a fraction of the expense.

Be the "sleeper" car at the track with your new EBV!

The exhaust bypass valve includes SS V-band clamp and weld-on V-band flange and can be purchased with or without the actuator. Additional V-band clamps and flanges can be purchased.

**For off-road and race application only!**




Exhaust Bypass Valve with Actuator


Exhaust Bypass Valve without Acutator


Additional V-band Clamps and Flanges
(1 clamp, 2 flanges)


*Price includes standard shipping.